Spring is at its tail end while Summer sits right around the corner. With more time spent outside and temperatures rising, sometimes all you need is a great food dish, a cool breeze and good company. Below is a list of our favorite summer foods.

We’d be lying if we said ice cream was a “summer-only” food, I mean, we always have room for ice cream. However, when the thermometers are hitting limits, frozen treats especially hit the spot.

One of the perks of summer dining is that fruits are at their peak of freshness — chilled watermelon, berries of all types, mangos and avocados for those in pacific climates, maybe a chocolate-dipped strawberry for ones feeling adventurous — the fruit game strong this time of year. Whatever your fruit of choice may be, be sure to wash it in cold water before sinking in.

Burgers, ribs, sausages, vegetables, fruits — the grill knows no boundaries. We are firm believers that the grill makes everything taste better, but it also keeps the mess and the heat out of your indoor kitchen.

This frozen treat is loved by all. The crunch and coolness of ice and the sweetness of the syrup makes snow cones one of the most popular summer foods. Add ice cream or sweetened condensed milk to take your cone up a notch.

We’ve met few people who say no to corn on the cob. After all, who would deny a sweet, fresh, buttered snack straight out of the oven or pulled from the grill? We suggest corn from your local farmers market to ensure quality and ultimate freshness.

If these foods aren’t already on your Summer Indulgences list, we highly recommend adding them to it. Here at My Menu we vow to never lead you astray when it comes to food — it’s what we’re all about.