Here at My Menu we are firm believers in the power of a properly roasted vegetable. They’re just so dang tasty! Use our tips below and take a break from your steamed veggies tonight, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Root vegetables — like potatoes, carrots and turnips — are usually always a safe bet when it comes to veggie selection. We have yet to come across a potato that did not benefit from a good roast. Cruciferous vegetables — like brussels sprouts and broccoli — make great candidates as well. Zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions, even tomatoes can be roasted. If unsure about roasting a certain vegetable, we recommend giving it a try. More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised with roasting a new vegetable.

Once your vegetables have been selected, chop them down into bite-sized pieces and give them a healthy toss in your favorite cooking oil. We like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Use a generous amount of oil (a tablespoon or two) when tossing, this will give each vegetable an glossy coat. The slick coating will help things to cook more evenly as well as crisp things up in the oven. Give your vegetables a generous, but not excessive, dash of salt and pepper.

Be sure your vegetables are spread out on the baking sheet. Each piece should have space around it. Overcrowding will lead to the steaming of veggies which is what we’re trying to avoid. Don’t skimp on the baking sheets. If you think an additional sheet would allow for better spacing, make it happen.

After determining that your oven is properly pre-heated (425°F is ideal) slip your vegetables in and wait for the magic to happen. Continue to cook until your veggies are tender enough for a fork to easily pierce them and when you see they’ve been given a little bit of charred color. The charred bits are where the flavor sits.

Now that we’ve laid it all out for you we hope these tips will help you roast to perfection. Give vegetable roasting a try, we’re sure your tastebuds will thank you.