Instant notifications

My Menu will give you a front row seat to your customers - allowing you to promote in-house events, daily specials, featured dishes & redeemable coupons via push notifications.

Save on Menu Costs

With a monthly owner subscription,  upload high quality images of your dishes with detailed descriptions all at the push of a button - eliminating hefty costs at the printers!

Get Discovered

Having trouble getting found by diners in your area? With easy-to-use filters, users can search by name, location, cuisine type, meal times and more.  Add your menu to get discovered today!


Join A Growing Network

The My Menu App is free for users and  brings potential diners to your doorstep from far and wide. Giving you full control of your menu customization means the possibilities are endless!

Stay updated & relevant

Making changes to  paper menus can be a tedious and expensive process.  My Menu allows owners to keep menus updated instantly, saving you time &  money. You can update your menu list at a moment’s notice, on your mobile device, from anywhere in the world.  Digital menu capabilities also help you to feature your dishes by displaying interactive HD images of menu items.  The amount of content you can showcase compared to limited paper menus also means the customizing and showcasing capabilities are endless!

Eliminate confusion

Forget about getting lost in the jumble of crumpled and confusing menus! Unlike paper menus and other menu apps out there, My Menu offers the easiest user interface available on the market.  With location specific filters, users can sort through restaurants in their area while searching for specific cuisines, dining categories and meal times!  Owners have full access to customize and organize menus any way they choose.

Entice their Taste Buds

Half of the enjoyment when discovering a new restaurant can be found in  uncovering new & exciting dishes and imagining the burst of flavor that awaits! The My Menu app offers just that - with user-friendly browsing,  guests can visually nibble at your entree selections at their leisure, saving favorites while building healthy appetites along the way!

Reward Your Diners

Send your guests coupon codes directly through their mobile device via push notifications.  Your My Menu followers are sure to remain loyal patrons and for first-time guests, a dine-in reward popping up on their screen might be just the reminder they need to pay a visit to your restaurant today! 

Download Today For Instant Access

Download the app today to take advantage of all the features of the My Menu app.