Every Thanksgiving you can expect to see the same thing at the dinner table – turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, rolls and a salad. And while some wait all year long to devour this snooze-worthy meal, others wish there was a change in their Thanksgiving lineup. Here at My Menu we’re all about expanding the limits of food and dining. Below are ten fresh takes on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls with Cranberry Chutney
Thanksgiving egg rolls take turkey, stuffing, gravy and conveniently wrap them into a delicious finger food. We dare you to double fist. Hope on over to Runway Chef for the full recipe.

Thanksgiving Pizza
Thanksgiving pizza – need we say more? This specimen of a dish is topped with cranberry chutney, gorgonzola cheese and turkey. And to take things to a whole new level, there’s an apple pie in the middle of the pizza. Get the recipe at We Are Not Martha and thank us later.

Turkey Tacos with Cranberry Salsa
Cranberry salsa will forever beat cranberry sauce, even on Thanksgiving. Simply Recipes is where you can learn to make this bad boy. We’re drooling even thinking about it.

The Thanksgiving Burrito
Displayed above is a beautiful marriage of tortilla, sour cream and pinto beans to cranberry salsa, cornbread, stuffing and turkey. The Food In My Beard is who we have to thank for this masterpiece. Hop on it and let us know how it goes!

Thanksgiving Dinner Casserole
This dish is best for those of you who are looking to change up the menu as well as cut back on the amount of dishes to wash at the end of the night. We’re a sucker for all thing casserole so we’re amped to give this one a go. Thanks Mess For Less for the idea.

The Thanksgiving Sides Cake
This brilliant dish, so graciously given to us by HuffPost Taste, is filled with multiple layers of cornbread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and creamed spinach topped with a sweet potato “frosting”, mashed potato dollops and whole cranberries.

Turkey Filled with Stuffing Cupcakes
This recipe is sure to knock your socks off. After baking delicious stuffing cupcakes, put them in your turkey to roast. The cupcakes are steamed internally and are therefore infused with a rich turkey flavor. Read more about it and snatch the recipe from Cupcake Project.

Turkey Muffin Stuffins
A Happy Hippy Mom has taken an entire Thanksgiving menu and stuffed it into a single muffin with mashed potato “frosting”.

Turkey Cake
A top-notch caked filled with sweet potato, turkey and stuffing. It’s almost too pretty to eat – that is until we top it with gravy like Chowhound suggests.

Ice Cream Thanksgiving Dinner
If you’re in the Portland or Los Angeles areas, your tired of the same old Thanksgiving dinners, and ice cream is your jam – you’ll want to make a note. Salt & Straw, an innovative ice cream parlor, has come out with unreal Thanksgiving ice cream flavors which include “Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey”, “Hazelnut Rosemary Stuffing” and “Honey Bourbon Corn Pudding”.

Although we are looking for a change up in our Thanksgiving dinner, one thing has and will always remain the same – our gratitude for you. If any of these recipes strike a chord in you, let us know which you decided to prepare and how you liked it!