The Holiday Season is amongst us! Here at My Menu we’re obvious fans of food, but we’re even bigger fans of enjoying that food with the people we adore. Below are six holiday traditions found around this big beautiful planet we call Earth. Perhaps the more we learn about the people and traditions around the world, the better we will understand ourselves and our own neighborhoods.

  1. JAPAN

Image result for KFC In japanThe Japanese just can’t be beat. When it comes to holiday food traditions, Japan may just take the cake. Around the holidays, the customary meal to eat is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, that’s right, KFC. Some even place their orders up to two months in advance for good measure.


Related imageThe French go with what they love during the holidays: oysters. I mean, we get it, oysters are absolutely delicious; but, during the week of Christmas to New Year’s Day almost half of France’s annual oyster production is eaten. The undeniable peak during the last week of the year make oysters a true French holiday tradition.


Image result for Lutefisk in norwayLutefisk is a salty winter delicacy for the sweet people of Norway. The dried codfish, subsequently treated with lye, is made into a gelatinous dish which is enjoyed during the holidays.

  1. CHINA

Image result for tangyuan in chinaThe Chinese lantern Festival is an important Chinese holiday celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. One of the traditional dishes served is tangyuan – round rice dumplings filled with sweet red bean paste, and boiled before serving.


Image result for hallaca venezuelaThe traditional Christmas food in Venezuela is hallaca. Similar to tamales, hallacas are made with corn dough wrapped inside a banana leaf. The dough is mixed with meats – pork, beef and chicken – and cooked in boiling water.


Related imagePurple rice might come as a surprise to just about everyone outside of the Philippines. Around the holidays, especially on Christmas Eve, locals will line up in the street to both sell and buy puto bumbong. This sweet tread is made with a mixture of both black and white rice (which appears purple at the end) and salt water which is drained, ground and inserted into a bamboo tube called a bumbong. The bumbong is steamed, and the rice cooks and forms into the shape of a tube. The cooked product is served with butter, sugar and shredded coconut.

What an awesome planet to be apart of! We hope this list of holiday traditions spark a love of both food and people. May your holidays be focused on quality time, tasty food and the people you love most! Happy Holidays from our My Menu family to yours!