A Menu For The Digital Age

Send notifications instantly to your diners, update menus on the fly and promote signature entrees with high quality images conveniently from your phone or tablet.  Download the My Menu App today to get started.

Connect With Customers

Send live notifications to customers instantly. Broadcast your daily specials, in-house events, real-time menu updates and promotional offers ensuring your loyal customers will never miss out on the party!

Show Off Your Creations

Empower your diners with unlimited menu options - enticing their taste buds and keeping them coming back for more.  Upload high quality images to each menu item straight from your mobile device.

Out With The Old, In with the Me-"NEW"

The App is always free for users and offers owners one free month to experience the premium features.  Say goodbye to  humdrum paper menus and hello to stunning mobile menus fully customizable by you!

Personalize The Dining Experience

quality menus without the hassle

The My Menu App offers a unique platform that is user-friendly for your customers and can be updated in real time.   We give you full control of your menu by allowing you to update the availability of menu items, send notifications of daily specials and promotional offers and upload high-quality images of your dishes.  The full feature app is a great alternative to paper menus - saving you time, money and resources while promoting your business across an ever expanding  customer base.

Plans and Pricing

The Perfect App For Your Restaurant & Mobile Business. Get Started For Free Today!


Customer Reviews

Jay Lee

Long Island, CA

“People who have been coming in for 20 years have told me they have always ordered the same thing,  Thanks to the My Menu app, my new and returning customers are willing to venture out and try dishes they otherwise would not have experienced.”

Abby Christianson

Chicago, IL

“First, there’s the amount of content you can display, which is impossible on paper. And there’s the real-time capability. I can update the list at a moment’s notice online from anywhere in the world.”